We offer our clients HI-END quality recordings for a reasonable and competitive price. One thing
that we know is that these recordings sound alive even when you are listening in any stereo you get a
feeling of three dimensions.

Not only do we offer regular studio services such as recording, mixing and mastering but we also craft our own equipment ranging from microphones and preamplifiers to world clocks and summing busses as well as customize the stuff that we use.


Why Wolk Recording Studios?

Unique devices created on the basis of the experience of our Sound Engineers, many years of experience in Studio and Concert work.
Full cycle of technology recording – mixing – mastering, based on our handcrafted custom gear.
We know what, why and how.
We are a Dynasty of Sound Engineers. The experience of older generations is mixed with a modern look and new technologies of the current generation. The result is a blend of an emotion so complete and full that the output feels as if it was real.

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