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Tube Microphone ThermOS 2

The direct tube output of the microphone provides a linear signal with a discretely controlled amplification sensitivity: the tube (ECC88) is the same one used in military equipment during the WWII. The output is balanced with a transformer with outlets made of pure silver developed exclusively for WRT using a technology applied in the Russian Federal Space Agency program.

The ideology behind the microphone is straightforward: ThermOS mics capture the dynamic tone color with maximum precision and, most importantly, transmit the emotional characteristic of the recording which is usually lost in the endless chains of equipment, especially if that equipment of low to mid grade. The range of use of ThermOS 2 is limitless and has no restraints in the creative process - recording male or female vocals in any style or genre, any instruments from string to rhythm and it can be used to record ambiance.

ThermOS 2 has the following built in features: cardioid pattern switch, omni-directional switch and a low cut filter from 70hz.
One of the main advantages of ThermOS 2 is that it does not require any pre-amplification and can be plugged in directly into an AD converter with a sensitivity level from -10dbu to +4dbu depending on your creative and technical tasks. The direct linear tube output drastically cuts the audio chain, reduces the amount of electronic components and soldering points on the way from the mic head to the AD converter which allows to capture audio with maximum accuracy on a fundamentally different quality tier rather than how it is typically done: mic - preamp - AD converter. Digital processing is widely used nowadays and ThermOS 2 allows to stay in that range by precisely capturing the dynamic tone color throughout the whole process - from the recording stage till post-production. By the way, ThermOS 2 does not require any pre-equalization or compression.

Another key feature of the microphone is its double power supply stabilization with polarization of 60V which increases the dynamic range of the recording and eliminates any jittering which is the most common problem that blurs the audio during the recording. The microphone is connected to the power unit with a multi-core that is developed exclusively by WRT using OFC copper to power the mic and OFC copper with silvering in the audio chain.


A device for audio signal saturation with even harmonics suitable for control of harmonic distortion saturation level. The device is also equipped with discrete volume control knob developed by Work Recording TechKnowledge (WRT) based on gold- coated ALPS rotary switch, high-precision carbon composition resistors on a golden board with 6% silver solder enabling you to set input level precisely without interfering with the audio signal timbral and dynamic coloration.

The device is used for synthesiser and any linear signal connection, as in INSERT to add vividness and harmonic coloration to drum samples and VST- instrumentals. Also used for master- track final processing. The saturator can be used both in studio and concert environment. The device operation quality is ensured by the application of gold- coated board with 6% silver solder.

Discrete Monitor System

Discrete Monitor System based on ALPS gold rotary switch, carbon composition resistors on a golden board with 6% silver solder allowing precise rendering of musical material without introducing timbral, dynamic and harmonic distortions, which is the main requirement for any professional monitor system.

Wolk Recording Techknowledge (WRT) Monitor System allows monitoring four independent sources: stereo, mono, Pad -10db stereo, ms matrix - complete set of tools for mixing and music recording. Four stereo inputs: 1- 3 stereo inputs - gold- coated composite jack, 4 stereo input - gold- coated RCA. Outputs: 1- 2 monitor outputs - XLR with golden contacts, 3 monitor output - stereo jack L+R with golden contacts, 4 amplifier output for headphone L+R stereo- Jack with golden contacts. Additional option: Optional 25 pin subdub connector providing for additional RTA output and two additional stereo inputs. Using this additional option the Monitor System can mix six independent stereo inputs. Discrete volume control knob has 24 positions available as standard and 48 as an option.

The volume knob is built around high- precision resistors (impedance matching 0,5%) with silver solder on gold board which ensures precise balance at any volume. Three monitor system designs available: embedded, rack, tabletop.

Magick Studio instrument preamplifier

Di- Box instrument preamplifier features external power adapter for maximum Noise- to- Sound ratio. The device is designed for connections of all types of electric guitars, piezo sensor instruments, all types of Rhodes Piano, Klavinet, etc., also can be used as a matching link between instrumental radio channel and effectors (Delay, Chorus, Rev, etc. ),providing reamping , matching the signal level and load. DI preamp has two independent inputs with different sensitivity: Output No.1 1:1; Output No.2 1;2 for audio card connection to the line input.

Cold- coated circuit board and 6% silver solder used in the device ensure exact conveying of dynamics and harmonic coloring of the musical content, high intelligibility and dynamic range of any instrument.. The device is built around ECC82 tube. Milliard tube use possible. The diagrams show additional device usability in studio and concert work. We recommend using Wolk Recording TechKnowledge (WRT) Filter Cable, which effectively removes in- phase and Out- to- Phase mains distortions.

Microphone Preamplifier Model 11

Tube Transformer Microphone Preamolifier with input and output level discrete control and resistors and capacitors used in audio path. 48V stabilised power supply with in-phase and out-of-phase 115-230vV mains distortion filtering and internal board supply switching. Discrete microphone input volume control knob developed by Work Recording Techknowledge (WRT) on the basis of gold- coated ALPS rotate switch, high- precision carbon composition resistors on a golden board with 6% silver solder allow to set input level precisely without interfering with the microphone timbral, dynamic and harmonic coloration.

The casing is made of 1.5 mm steel, which ensues good screening from external radio interference. The main cable is made using WRT technology removing high- frequency distortion without chokes and capacitors. Preamplifier output level is switched using ALPS golden contact rotary switch by changing output transformer taps. Short audio path, resistor- free and capacitor- free audio signal path, gold- coated circuit board and 6% silver solder ensure exact conveying of dynamics and harmony coloration of the musical content, high intelligibility and dynamic range of any instrument.

Thanks to the small size of the device you can easily carry it in a bag, take it with you to a performance, record session vocals, guitar and other instruments using dynamic and condenser microphones. Portability and quality of the device ensure the quality sound at all times. The device is built around a single tube. Estimated service life of the valve in daily use is 7 years. Additional spare tubes available for order.